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this ignites something sensual in me please explain

wtf yes

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I think selfies are a healthy use of time. I love seeing other people’s and I love taking them. It’s all about self appreciation, not vanity ❤

Last night I

-tried moonshine and ghetto boxed wine
-ranted about how great America is for 15 straight minutes like a preacher
-almost got in a fist fight over beer pong then decided to become bffs with the people I yelled at
-went pee 7 times
-introduced myself to like 20 new people
-bonded with the football quarterback who lives in my dorm and says hi to me when we pass each other during the day
-decided I really wanted to kiss said boy so my roommate told him to make out with me back at the dorm but he was faded and didn’t remember this morning
-laughed my ass off when everyone started chanting USA
-danced by myself in a crowded kitchen
-watched someone throw up and said “poor baby” cause I felt bad, not even grossed out?
-wore daisy dukes proudly
-collapsed hysterically twice
-helped a guy with a bloody nose
-spilled beer on myself
-serenaded my roommate with one direction
-sat on a hot guy’s lap in the car
-complimented way too many people on their shirts
-embraced being the only drunk in my friend group
-had a damn good time obviously

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sorry i’m late, professor. im disenchanted with the human experience and waking up every morning thrusts me into an instant existential crisis



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