I started the day off in a window seat where I could watch the world wake up in front of an ombré background of red and deep blue, sun still below the horizon. We floated just above the low clouds, small and picturesque and haunting in the near-dawn. I forget how beautiful a city looks from untouchable heights. It is an unbiased perspective; all we can see is the entirety. Each building, tree, street lamp and person are molded into this painting. Simplified life. Indescribably peaceful.

I took a bus to grand central as the sun rose. I felt like the only one appreciating this, because being up early plus being conscious is a rare occurrence for me. Mornings are such a nice touch to your day when you aren’t on your way to work…

The little studio we are renting has light green walls and a view of a courtyard cafe donned in twinkling lights. The quaintness nearly overwhelmed me. I had the place to myself for the day so I imagined I owned it. Basically I played house, except for the first time ever I had a real place in a real city to do real activities on my own accord. I was impishly excited to say the least.

When I began wandering the streets, I came across Tudor City and its little green gardens. The view from the bridge was unrelentlessly romantic, and the gardens even more so. In front of me a city skyline with the Chrysler building as an accessory, behind me a glimpse of FDR drive on the the edge of the water, and deep greenery hiding brick buildings on my either side. My old soul was humored. I entered the gates, strolled the paths and moved from bench to bench. The sounds of taxis and tourists were muffled. The scampers of squirrels, hoots of pigeons and splashes of bathing birds were much more recognizable. I mentally checked it off as a new happy place.

I walked a lot of sidewalks today. I was just exploring. Making notes of small places that seemed interesting or details of the people I passed. Pausing to admire unexpected architecture. Smiling at cute strangers who glanced a second longer than normal. That’s my favorite to be completely honest.

I could stand and watch people in grand central station forever. It’s the most entertaining thing. Or in a place like Bryant park where I ate my dinner and where some rando tried to make conversation from 3 tables away. He literally used the line “come here often?” so yeah I laughed…sorry guy. The park is also where a cute one gave me a stare down when he passed by so I gave him one when I passed him by. Two can play at that game my friend. No fear in a city like this.

Notable male incident number three occurred as I waited outside a drug store for my dad who arrived tonight. This time it was quite explicit flirting so I was tempted to go into full swing flirt mode to match, but I had to hold it back. I didn’t need my dad to whip out his metaphorical gun on a harmless tipsy dude. But one of these days I’ll bar hop around here, and then I’ll get my chance with these well-dressed city boys.

My dad ended up buying beer which is why I couldn’t be in the store when he bought it. The cashier asked for my ID just because I was standing next to him (that’s weird right? Or am I stupid?) The funny part is that he gave me one before bed. That was a great moment, the first time we drank beer together. The best part is how he opened them though- we stood outside the apartment and struggled to pop the caps on the rod iron gateway. We got some funny looks. Especially when he spilled it everywhere. But I thought it was a hilarious end to the day. Even if the beer actually tasted pretty bad. It’s the little things.


somebody needs to fucking kiss me


Andrew Miksys - Plastic Flowers

post-princess face
I forgot I love red lips

post-princess face
I forgot I love red lips

I was reading some article about Rihanna’s see-through outfit that she wore on TV, the comments said something along the lines of how she doesn’t have to be naked and sex sells easy.

I’m not the biggest fan of her music. I don’t know much about her in general. Whether it is “morally right” or not to flash her boobs to the world is irrelevant because clearly she wasn’t arrested. What she wore was pretty shocking and yeah I wouldn’t do it, and sure it’s quite a bit obnoxious, but I’m annoyed that showing her body is instantly labeled as selling sex.

It’s a female body. She’s didn’t have sex on stage. It’s a banging body and a sheer, revealing dress, but people are putting words in her mouth. Who says she didn’t think “I love my body and this will let everyone know” rather than “I want guys all over my body so I’ll wear this”? Pretty, sparkly dresses are just as fascinating if not more fascinating than boobs in my humble opinion.

I have a thing for rocks n shit

I have a thing for rocks n shit

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Write hard and clear about what hurts.

 Ernest Hemingway (via feellng)


Snow at the Tokyo Disney resorts, via the Tokyo Disney Resorts Blog.